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We recommend a small bilingual pocket dictionary (Italian to/from your mother tongue), plus the following text books:
Beginner 1 Material is supplied as part of your course, so there is no need to buy a textbook.
However, if you want to buy Nuovo Espresso 1 below it will cover B1 and subsequent levels.
Beginner 2 & 3
Italian Espresso 1 + CD Nuovo Espresso 1 (Blue/white cover)
(ISBN: 9788861823181)

Important: There is an English version "New Italian Espresso" and an Italian version "Nuovo Italian Espresso". They both look similar, but you should buy the ITALIAN version. Please use the ISBN number above.

You can get Nuovo Espresso with or without an accompanying DVD. The DVD version is more expensive, but you do not need to purchse this. The non-DVD version is fine.
  Intermediate 1, 2&3 + Pre-advanced

Nuovo Espresso 2

Book + DVD ROM (ISBN: 9788861823204)

Book only (ISBN: 9788861823211)

  Pre Advanced 1, 2 & 3

Nuovo Espresso 3

Book + DVD ROM (ISBN: 9788861823389)

Book only (ISBN: 9788861823396)

  Advanced 1, 2

Nuovo Espresso 4

Book + CD (ISBN: 9788861825055)

  Recommended for Beginner 3 through to Pre-Advanced 2 + CILS Citizenship exam

essere o avere: Come scegliere l'ausiliare giusto
Fabrizio Ruggeri

Book (ISBN: 9788861825512)

This workbook aims to answer one of the most common questions posed by students of Italian as a foreign language: how do you know which auxiliary verb to choose when using compound tenses? Essere (to be) or avere (to have)?

The workbook is easy-to-use, providing clear tables and useful hints and suggestions to dispel any doubts about whether to use 'essere' or 'avere'. It is divided into 2 sections: the first provides helpful thematic tables and explanations; the second presents a range of exercises and activities for ample practice.


100 dubbi di grammatica italiana
Stefania Ruggeri, Fabrizio Ruggeri

Book (ISBN: 9788861826021)

When do you use "meglio" and when do you use "migliore"? What's the difference between "suo" and "proprio"? Are "te" and "tu" interchangeable? Accents and apostrophes: what are the rules?

These are just a few of the grammatical doubts dispelled in this handy workbook for students of Italian. Ideal for independent study, the book is designed for students at all levels from beginners to advanced (CEFR A1-C1).

Organised by category (prepositions, pronouns, verbs etc), each query is answered with clear, precise explanations and accompanied by a variety of exercises with answers provided at the end of the book.

General recommended reading
  Pista nera Antonio Manzini

Book (ISBN: 9788838929090)


Books can be purchased online Amazon using the ISBN links above.

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