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The ethos of Vivere l’italiano is to make the Italian language come to life. While vocabulary and grammar is very important, we believe learning the language and culture should also go beyond the four walls of a classroom. Therefore, we like to take students further than the textbooks by encouraging them to participate in realistic situations, whether it is shopping for food, eating in an Italian restaurant, going to the cinema, visiting art exhibitions, or simply talking football. We find this makes our students more confident speakers early on and gives them the practical tools to use what they have learnt in class.

Vivere l’italiano also believes a very fundamental part of learning is to have fun! Our aim is not to teach by rote, but to capture students’ imaginations with enjoyable and challenging exercises that they can translate to their daily lives. Italian is, after all, a living subject.

Vivere l'italiano has a team of experienced tutors, all of whom are native speakers with a desire to encourage their students to fulfil their potential. The teaching staff have a variety of specialties, including art, history, literature and cinema, and bring this expertise to their lessons as a means of furthering students’ understanding of the Italian language and culture.

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