Vivere l'italiano – General Terms & Conditions (T&C) for the provision of tuition

Entry Requirements

Unless otherwise agreed students attending regular courses on our school premises are required to be 18 years and over.

Payment of course fees

Our courses are run on the basis of a minimum number of enrolments to make them viable.  Before a course starts we therefore rely on payment of course fees to confirm a student’s place on a course, to be sure of student numbers and to confirm the course is going ahead to all of the students on the course.

Payment for a course is therefore to be made before it starts. A request for payment will be sent in advance of the course start date, and places on the course are only guaranteed once payment has been received.

Courses which run for 10 weeks normally have the option of payment in two five-week instalments, the first before the start of the course, and the second before week 6 of the course. The 5-week and full 10-week fees are indicated on our website. Courses which run for less than 10 weeks (for example 7 week courses) do not have an instalment option. Courses cannot be paid for on a lesson-by-lesson basis.

Cancellations, Credits & Refunds

Once a course has been confirmed, refunds will not be offered as this can impact on the viability of the course and affect the other students. We do understand, however, that a student's circumstances may change, and will therefore endeavour to try to offer alternative solutions such as crediting a course fee toward a course in a subsequent term. Credits for fees paid for regular courses cannot be used towards any other type of course or tuition (such as workshops, private tuition etc). Any offer of credit is at the sole discretion of the school, however, and an adminitsration fee will normally be charged to cover our time involved in pre- and post- course exchanges with the student during placement on a course, and this will be advised at the time a credit is offered. Any course credit must be used within a time limit, namely within the two terms following the term for which the course has been paid.

No partial refund or credit forward to a new term can be given for lessons not attended or missed. Missed lessons cannot be replaced in, or credited forward to, a new term.

In the event the minimum number of enrolments is not reached and we are not able to confirm a regular course, alternatives may be offered; for example to run the course as a small group, 2-to-1, etc, or by shortening the course length to reflect the extra attention students receive in this situation.  In such a case, the offer will be made before the course starts, and acceptance of any offer is at the student's discretion. Should the course not go ahead as scheduled, any courses fees which have been paid will be refunded in full.

Public Holidays

If any day on which a lesson is due to take place falls on a public holiday, unless otherwise agreed, no lesson will take place on that day and the course will be extended.

Liability of Vivere l'italiano

Vivere l'italiano is responsible for ensuring that our courses are run as described and that our tuition and associated services reach a reasonable standard unless failure or improper performance is attributable to:

Variations to these Terms and Conditions

Variations to the above T&C may be made in the future.

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