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These classes focus on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. They are recommended for those who wish to learn the language at a steady pace.

In each class there is a cultural aspect which changes every term - opera, cinema, history of art, cuisine, fashion, literature or pronunciation.

Levels: Beginner 1/2, Intermediate 1/2, Advanced.

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Our Intensive Courses cover the same programme as our General Courses, but in a shorter time.

So, whether you need a crash course in Italian for business, a trip to Italy or for whatever reason, our Intensive Courses will allow you to make rapid progress with your Italian in a short space of time.

Levels: Beginner 1/2, Intermediate 1/2, Advanced.

Italian through Art

Learn Italian through Art with workshops available for all students from beginner to advanced levels.

If you want to get to know more about Italian culture through the works of well-known Italian artists such as Botticelli, Caravaggio, Leonardo, Michelangelo, , etc, then this is the course for you!

As part of the workshop, trips will be arranged to the National Gallery, Estorick Collection and/or National Portrait Gallery.

Italian through Cinema

Learn Italian through the medium of Italian films. Workshops are available at all levels.

Films discussed range from classics by Federico Fellini, Ettore Scola, etc., to the new generation, such as films by Nanni Moretti & Gabriele Salvatores.

This is a really good way to hone your Italian language skills whilst enjoying great Italian Cinema.

Italian through Literature

Learn Italian through Literature. Workshops are available at all levels.

If you are passionate about literature and Italy then this is the course for you! No previous knowledge of Italian literature is necessary as the workshop will take you through both classic and modern literature and poetry.

It is a great way to improve your Italian language skills - grammar and vocabulary - through both the written and oral mediums.

Italian through Cookery

Italian through food! Courses are available at all levels.

Learn the language as well as authentic Italian recipes that you will prepare and sample as part of this course. Six of the seven sessions last for 1½ hours of which 1 hour is dedicated to learning general Italian (at a beginner level) or conversation & more advanced grammar (at higher levels), and the remaining ½ hour is spent learning how to prepare and sample a small Italian speciality.

The seventh session of the course will be for 3 hours, devoted to cooking, which is a great way of practicing 'hands on' what you have learned. The first 2 hours will be spent learning how to prepare a starter (or side dish), a main dish and a dessert. For the 3rd and last hour you will have a sit down meal comprising the dishes you have just prepared! A glass of wine is also included.


In-house & Corporate Training

We have a wide range of training methods, and employ enthusiastic, qualified and fully trained teachers to design training courses and deliver efficient language training in-house.

After we have consulted with your company about putting together the most suitable language programme for your needs and objectives, we will deliver fast and efficient results.

Private (1-to-1 or small group) tuition allows the student greater flexibility in learning and can more easily focus on the areas of interest or importance to them. For example:

  • General Italian
  • GCSE, A-level
  • Law
  • Moving to Italy
  • Business
Students can choose to have their lessons take place at their company office, at home or at our school.

Italians love children and your kids will love the Italian language!

Our classes are taught using games, songs, CDs and engaging activities that will immerse them in a second language - whilst having fun!

We offer both private individual or group lessons or in-school classes (as an extra-curricular "Italian Club"). We have successfully run several in-school classes in London at different levels, and if parents are interested, we offer termly 'excursions',for example to a local restaurant, where the kids can make and sample pizzas and try out their Italian!

If you think your child's school might be interested in having an Italian Club, please let us know and we can contact them to discuss organising one.

All of our teachers who work with chidren are DBS checked.

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